We are a Career Exploration Company

We are on a mission to solve decade old problems in the education system globally, which has made humans life mechanical, with no fulfillment and purpose

What we are trying to solve

The great career confusion

7 in 10
Career choices are made based on Advice from College Professors, Placement Cells, and Family Friends.
Job seekers lack career decision-making skills, hindering professional growth. Decision are usually driven by FOMO.
Only 23%
are in the right job . Ideally it should be "right person for the right job instead of everybody can do every job"
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Words from our founders

"We are tackling an overdue problem that exists since decades, uninformed career decisions has supressed the potential of individuals who can achieve something great and create impact."
“In the race of moving fast, we have forgot to move right, graduates are unaware of the industry as a whole, they take up the first opportunity that's available, not the ideal one with respect to their natural ability and interests”
Our PAST initiatives

Numbers that seal the deal


Over the past 5 years, we have reached to over 50k students across India from various backgrounds.


Particpants have also rated our programme highly.


We have over 30k hours of training and learning experience.

Let’s find your purpose